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Designer Christmas

Last week I had an impromptu journey to Sheffield to visit my parents, whilst I was there we discussed all of the plans for our large family Christmas and it occurred to me that during the festive period creativity is embraced.

People who would declare that they ‘didn’t have a creative bone in their body’ take time and care over their Christmas gift wrapping, researching children’s crafts, their choice & positioning of decorations and the creation of hand made gifts.  It is a joy to see the care that is taken in the creation of a wonderful family Christmas, everyone is a Christmas designer and I think it is brilliant that we show our love through our care for the details.


On my visit I discussed with my Dad my wish to make small gifts for our neighbours which my son will deliver.  We decided to trial home made individual panettone, we used my Dad’s new Panasonic bread maker to make the fruit rich dough.


Rather than bake large untidy loaves we removed the dough from the bread maker and divided it into small individual tins, this meant that we had the reliability of the bread maker but the aesthetic of an artisan baker.


After baking and cooking we chose navy tissue and bright twine to wrap our gifts.  This is where we could have been much more creative and for our neighbours I would like to find a festive ribbon to use around them.


We wrapped the finished panettone in festive cellophane bags tied with card tags.

Next week Milo and I will have 20 panettone to make for our neighbours, he will love wrapping then and handing them out, I am hoping that not only will it be an activity to enjoy together but that it will help him learn that Christmas is about giving rather than only receiving.

What have you created this Christmas?  Will you enjoy the opportunity to be creative?  And why only be a designer at Christmas, in what ways would you like to be creative in 2016?

This post is in collaboration with Share It Quick, all opinions and photographs are my own.

  • Diana

    13th December 2015 at 8:18 pm Reply

    These panettones look wonderful! I do also own a bread maker but I wouldn’t want to make a panettone in it as the shape would be too weird. I need to buy the special tins to bake them though x

  • Declan Williams

    14th December 2015 at 3:55 pm Reply

    Some lovely ideas here! I really like the rustic style gift tags!

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