Olive Living | About
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Alys Bryan

Olive Living is owned by Alys Bryan, a contemporary furniture designer, wife, busy mother and homemaker.


Alys has over 10 years experience as a contemporary furniture designer, gaining valuable knowledge of upholstery and textiles.


Olive Living is an interior design practice based in Chichester, UK. We tailor our service to suit your needs and we are equally happy to work with you on a single upholstery project or a full home renovation.


Alys lives with her husband and two young children in Chichester, they are slowly drawing their dream home out of it’s 1970’s shell.


Alys is able to use her experience and passion for design to work with her clients in creating their home, where bespoke furniture is required she is able to design this for her clients and organise it’s manufacture.


Alys’ industry experience enables her to work closely with architects, suppliers and trades in order to achieve her clients goals.

Please contact us to discuss your project and arrange an initial consultation, email alys@oliveliving.co.uk